FAA Information for Drone Photography:

I am a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Remote Pilot licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In 2018, I passed the FAA's complex Part 107 exam and I am fully licensed and insured to operate a drone for both still photography and video. If you have a job for which you would like aerial imagery or video, please contact me with details.

Due to the private information (address and phone number) listed in the FAA database, I don't have this link posted on my website. However, if you are hiring me for a drone photography job, I'm happy to provide the link to my Part 107 certification information at that time.

Local Photographers/Artists/Friends:

Anessa Arehart Paintings and Portraits
David Becker - Findings Studio
David Modica Photography
Jamie Powell Sheppard Photography
John Adkins Photography
Kenneth Tripp Photography
Lisa J. Huber Photography

Other photographer friends:

Daily Walks - Diane Varner
Marcie Scudder Photography
Mindy Pines Photography
Perspective Images - Will Williams
These Fleeting Moments - Jason Ertel

Member of These Local Organizations:

Artebella Daily - presented by LVAA
Kentucky Humane Society (Volunteer photographer)
Louisville Photographic Society (Former editor)
Louisville Visual Art Association (LVAA)

Sites with helpful copyright infringement info:

ACLU's Photographer's Rights
Photo Attorney - Carolyn E. Wright
United States Copyright Office
Using The DMCA To Stop the Copyright Infringement of Your Photos
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