A word about copyright:

All photos on this website are copyright protected and have been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. No photograph may be copied, reproduced, manipulated, stored or used as a derivative work without my written permission. Unauthorized use of these photos (or any other content on this website) constitutes copyright infringement.

People too often think that if they found it on the web, it's free to use however they want. Everything is copyrighted by the respective owner. If you didn't create it, you don't own it. If you want to use a photo badly enough to steal it, please extend me the courtesy to ask for my permission first.

Removal or cropping out the copyright watermark signature on any images on this site is not permitted. No images are in the public domain.

I do contribute photography, time and money to charities and worthy causes I choose to support. However, I do choose these at my discretion. If asked in advance, I'm more than willing to work out a very reasonable rate (sometimes no charge, depending on usage) for someone who would like to use a photo. If you contact me in advance, I can guarantee we can negotiate a rate that is fair for both parties.

I've lost track of how many infringers I've contacted who have told me, "But I found the photo on Google." Or, "I gave you photo credit." Or, "You'll get great exposure!" Finding a photo on Google doesn't mean you can use it however you wish (with the exception of works with certain Creative Commons licenses or works in the public domain). As for photo credit and exposure: great, but photo credit and exposure don't help pay my bills. When was the last time you asked your doctor, hairdresser, plumber, teacher, car mechanic, cable company, etc. to provide their service at no charge? ("I can't afford to pay you, but you'll get great exposure when I tell my friends about your service!") Never, right? So why would you expect an artist to provide their art or service at no charge? Do you regularly walk into a bookstore and walk out without paying for the book you want to read? No. This really is no different. I've heard all the excuses before. Here's a handy legal reminder of why infringement is still illegal (despite the excuse).

I hope this helps clarify some of the copyright questions people may have. I appreciate your support and understanding.
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